Get Ready to Shine: Love Your Hairdresser Week returns to celebrate hair heroes from 13-19 November

  • April 09, 2023

Get Ready to Shine: Love Your Hairdresser Week returns to celebrate hair heroes from 13-19 November

Love Your Hairdresser Week, the annual celebration of all hair professionals, is back for its fourth year from November 13 to 19, 2023. It’s a special time for individuals and businesses alike to shine a spotlight on the unsung heroes of the beauty industry, our hairdressers and barbers, who do more than just transform hair – they nurture self-esteem, inspire confidence, and strengthen community bonds.

Originating during the pandemic, when we yearned for the magic touch of our hair professionals, Love Your Hairdresser Week has evolved into a heartfelt campaign that spreads love and appreciation throughout the industry. It showcases the crucial role that hairdressers and barbers play in enhancing not only our appearance, but also our emotional wellbeing and community connections.

Sandy Chong, CEO, Australian Hairdressing Council (AHC) said, “A trip to the salon becomes an afternoon of respite for many people that helps to promote self-esteem and confidence. Hairdressers and barbers do more than just cut and colour hair, they nurture a sense of personal wellbeing.”

This year the Australian Hairdressing Council is thrilled to once again align with American Express’ Shop Small initiative to bring ‘Love Your Hairdresser Week’ to life. Sandy said, “Many salons are run by small business owners. American Express’ Shop Small initiative incentivises consumers to spend with local, small businesses – which is exactly what hairdressers and barbers need. ‘Love Your Hairdresser Week’ is celebrating the hairdressing and barbering community, their contribution to wellbeing and value of small business.”

Here’s how you can participate and spread the love during Love Your Hairdresser Week:

Clients Appreciating Their Hairdressers: Take a moment to show your appreciation for the hairdresser or barber who works their magic on your hair. Whether it’s a heartfelt thank you, a small gift, or a social media shoutout, every gesture counts.

Business Owners Appreciating Their Staff: Salon and barbershop owners, this is the perfect time to recognise the dedication and hard work of your team. Plan special treats, bonuses, or surprises to make your staff feel valued.

Colleagues Appreciating Each Other: Hairdressers and salon owners can express their admiration for their fellow professionals. Share stories, collaborate on projects, or simply give a friendly nod to your peers in the industry.

Salons Appreciating Their Clients: Show your gratitude to the loyal clients who make your business thrive. Offer special discounts, complimentary services, value-add promotions, or organise client appreciation events during the week.

Love Your Hairdresser Week is not just about celebrating the hair industry’s essential role in our lives, but also about strengthening the bonds between clients, professionals, and businesses in the beauty sector. It’s an opportunity to highlight the positive impact that hairdressers and barbers have on our self-esteem, self-expression, and overall well-being.

The Australian Hairdressing Council encourages the community to spread the word and for clients show their favourite hairdressers and barbers just how much they appreciate them.

Positive affirmation supporting small businesses may include buying products, services and gift vouchers, through to giving reviews and spreading the word amongst family, friends and on social media. ‘Love Your Hairdresser Week’ shares joy with an industry that makes their communities look and feel good every day of the year.

Salon owners, stylists, and clients are encouraged to visit this link – to find resources and promotional materials to help make Love Your Hairdresser Week 2023 a remarkable and memorable event. Please use the hashtags below and tag the Australian Hairdressing Council on your socials:

Facebook: @AustHairdressingCouncil

Instagram: @aushaircouncil

LinkedIn: @AustralianHairdressingCouncil

#loveyourhairdresserweek #LYHW #sharethelove #theahc #ShopSmall

Join us in making this year’s Love Your Hairdresser Week a week filled with love, gratitude, and appreciation for those who make us look and feel fantastic.

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