Terms & Conditions

The objective of the AHC is to uplift our industry's reputation, image and credibility. Our constitution provides that a person can apply for membership of the AHC if they are employed in the industry and have paid an annual membership fee.

In addition to this, the person must have agreed to and completed the following before their AHC Membership status can be activated: 

  • The person must provide a guarantee of not more than $10.00 to cover any liabilities or expenses that may arise in the event that the AHC is wound up or dissolved; 
  • The person must have their Application for Membership accepted by the Board of AHC; and 
  • The person’s name must be entered into the Register of Members. 

By signing up to a Membership means you have agreed to these Terms and Conditions, and any additional Terms and Conditions that are part of a special offer. 


AHC members are those visitors to the website who register their details with the AHC, are approved by the Board for membership, and pay their membership fees as they fall due. 
Use of this website is subject to these terms of use. 
These terms of use are governed by the laws with the provisions of the Act and any other relevant laws of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and you irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the ACT. 
The AHC is an industry association. Membership is restricted to those businesses actively involved in the Australian Hairdressing Industry. 

All member applications to the AHC are subject to the possibility of requiring approval by the AHC Board. Should an applicant not be approved by the AHC Board, any membership fees paid to the AHC via the AHC website will be refunded. The Board decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 

  • Salon Select membership  

For any Hairdressing or Barber Salon that has 1 or more employees.  
A salon which is part of a franchise group, (but the group has not joined the AHC), will need to meet the individual salon member conditions. 

  • Franchise & Group Salon memberships 

Franchise Memberships are purchased by the Head office of the franchise. Franchisee Memberships are purchased by the individual Franchisees only when their HO holds a current membership 

  • Solo Select Membership 

Membership for a freelancer, mobile stylist, solo operator, hairdresser with a compliant home business, operating out of a commercial suite, or in a rent-a-chair arrangement. 

  • Associate Memberships 

Available to those suppliers of product and services to the hairdressing industry. 

  • Registered Training Organisations  

Only for Registered Training Organisations. 

  • Teachers 

For Industry educators. 

  • Foundation Members 

The original group of Founding Members from 2010. No others can be added to this group. 

  • Promotional Memberships – eg: ‘One Month Free Trial’ 

Any promotional membership will have additional Terms detailed under that offer, which are in addition to these. The special Terms will be deemed to have been accepted when joining through that offer and may over-ride the standard terms where there is any conflict. 


Membership fees are annual, and we provide the facility to pay this fee on monthly terms to assist your cashflow. The initial Membership is a commitment of 12 months in full with no cancellation of monthly payments allowed. 

Cancellation of memberships after the initial 12 month period will require 60 days notice in writing to info@theahc.org.au. The final payment will be calculated pro-rata for the number of days remaining from the final payment date to the 60th day following the notice of cancellation. 

Your payments will continue unless:

  1. you decide to opt out with a minimum 60 days written notice. An administration fee may be applied.
  2. The Australian Hairdressing Council deems your membership should be terminated due to an uncorrected breach of any of the Membership standards, within 8 weeks of written notification of said breach; or other breach as per AHC Constitution. 

It is expected that our Salon Members will aspire to achieve Accreditation. This includes the salon needing to complete Silver accreditation before being approved to seek Gold salon select accreditation. 


AHC Membership fees are not transferable or refundable. 

Salon Select accreditation is not transferable on the change of ownership of a salon or associated business. New accreditation must be undertaken by the new salon owner. 


The AHC may offer promotional discounts or offers for specific marketing campaigns. The terms and conditions of these campaigns will be outlined on the marketing communications to prospective new members. For all promotional offers, the AHC’s Terms & Conditions also apply. 


Any natural person or corporation committed to the objects of the Company may be a Member provided that they are either: 

  1.  a financial member of the AHC; or
  2.  employed in the industry and have paid the Annual Membership Fee determined by the Company from time to time; and
  3. the person or corporation agrees in writing to provide a guarantee not exceeding ten dollars ($10.00) to defray such liabilities and expenses of the Company upon its winding up or dissolution; and
  4. the application for membership has been accepted by the Board; and
  5. the name of the Member has been entered in the Register 
MEMBERSHIP & PAYMENT OPTIONS (as at 22nd March 2023 - subject to change without notice)

All current prices are on the AHC website in Australian Dollars. All amounts shown on the AHC website are GST-inclusive. All membership fees are payable Annually or Monthly via our automatic debit facility


Where we are commissioned to supply goods for you, these goods are only classified as faulty if there is a manufacturing fault. Please note that items that are damaged as a result of wear and tear are not considered to be faulty. Where possible, we will offer to repair faulty items. For any faulty items outside of our returns, refunds & exchanges policy, please contact info@theahc.org.au 

  • Transit 
    Whilst every effort is made to ensure goods are packaged carefully prior to despatch, AHC takes no responsibility for third party delivery services. Please note that it is your responsibility to nominate if transit insurance required at time of purchase. Insurance will be added to the invoice. 
  • Force Majeure 
    AHC will have no liability to the purchaser in relation to any loss, damage or expense caused by AHC’s failure to complete an order or to deliver goods and services as a result of fire, flood, tempest, earthquake, riot, civil disturbance, theft, crime, strike, lockout, breakdown, war, the inability of AHC’s normal suppliers to supply necessary materials or any other matter beyond AHC’s control. 
  • Non-Excludable Rights 
    The parties acknowledge that, under applicable State and Commonwealth law, certain conditions and warranties may be implied in these Terms and Conditions and there are rights and remedies conferred on the customer in relation to the provision of the Goods or of services which cannot be excluded, restricted or modified by agreement (“Non-excludable Rights”). 

Complaints must be notified in writing to info@theahc.org.au within 7 days of receipt of the goods or supply of materials or services. 
Please ensure your delivery address and receiver’s name for any mail we need to send is accurate and complete on the website(including any business name if shipping to a work address). AHC will not take responsibility for any goods that go missing due to incorrect delivery information provided by you. 
Whilst every effort is made to ensure the premium quality of products and services offered to AHC members, we reserve the right to alter the contents of the products or services ordered at our discretion. 


These Terms and Conditions are governed by the law in force in the Australian Capital Territory and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that Territory and any courts which may hear appeals from those courts in respect of any proceedings in connection with these Terms and Conditions. 


AHC will provide digital files for your use as downloadable data from the resources library on the AHC website, or via a digital delivery service to your email address. The AHC will make the file available for the period of your 12 months membership whilst you are a financial member. The AHC reserves the right to withdraw from the library any AHC documentation at any time, without notice. 
Should a file supplied by the AHC corrupt in any way, a replacement file can be re supplied from the library. AHC liability for artwork and digital files is limited to the replacement of the file. AHC takes no responsibility for third party printing or production from its digital files. It is the responsibility of the purchaser of the artwork or digital file to proof the pre-production of the file when printing with a third party supplier. 
We recommend that you make a copy of every digital file and archive separately as the AHC takes no responsibility for the provision of the file following the termination of your membership or where your membership is unpaid. 


Copyright in all artistic and literary works authored by the AHC remain the property of the AHC and are licensed to you for reproduction purposes only. AHC materials cannot be resold or supplied for use by a third party. 
Except as permitted by the Commonwealth Copyright Act 1968 (as amended) no part of this website may be reproduced, adapted, performed in public or transmitted in any form by any process (graphic, electronic or mechanical, including further copying, recording, taping or by a storage and information retrieval system) without the express written permission of the AHC. 
Nothing contained in the website should be construed as granting any licence or right of use of any trademark or part of any trademark displayed on this website without the express written permission of the AHC or third party owner. Where AHC has supplied images to the member, usage rights of the images purchased must be adhered to by the customer who takes full legal responsibility for their use. 
The information contained in this site may contain technical inaccuracies, typographical or bibliographical errors. All liability of the AHC howsoever arising for inaccuracies or errors is expressly excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. 
The purchaser hereby indemnifies and agrees to keep indemnified the AHC against all liability, losses or expenses incurred by the AHC in relation to or in any way directly or indirectly connected with any breach of copyright or of any rights in relation to copyright in such literary and artistic works supplied as aforesaid. 
Then AHC provides digital artwork and document files for reproduction by the member only. Any reproduction by a third party without the consent of the AHC will be in breach of copyright.