AHC Member Testimonials

AHC Member


Our members are our greatest fans and proud to be a part of the AHC family. Scroll down to read just a small sample about why they love being a member of the Australian Hairdressing Council.

Kate Petersen

Artistry of Hair

The AHC is a God send for a first time business owner. No question is too silly to be asked. The wealth of knowledge and support available is invaluable.

Pete Koziell

Analog Hair

Starting out as a business owner 5 years ago was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. The biggest challenge was feeling isolated, with little to no industry support. Joining the AHC gave me the resources to turn my dream into a thriving business. I was welcomed into a community of salon owners who I always looked up to and admired.

Sally Rossington

The Loft Hair Salon

Since joining the AHC, their support has been invaluable. I love having a strong professional support network within my industry and the support of my peers. I think AHC is doing an incredible job of raising industry standards and bringing our profile higher in the community as strong business people.

Maria Faulder

Suite Three Hair

The support of the AHC over the past decade has been vital to the success of my business. Thank you to the whole AHC team, you are amazing! It’s so reassuring, as a business owner and employer, to know that we have a voice through you, straight to Parliament. If you aren’t already a member, join today!

Kate Henderson

Elysium Hair Brisbane

Being part of the AHC is the best decision we made as business owners, to have the support and guidance you need to run a successful, sustainable business. From the initial accreditation, the huge resource library, and support from your peers, it’s really priceless.

Jenni Tarrant

House of Bond

The AHC is incredibly important to me and my business. You never feel alone, you feel heard and supported. Through the highs and lows in your own business and as an industry, it an anchor of support.

Rozlyn Thomas

Toni & Guy Newcastle

The AHC has allowed me to make smart business decisions by providing me with facts. The private Facebook group full of salon owners is also a great place to gain extra advice on the every day running of a salon!

Kerrie DiMattia

DiMattia & Co

The AHC has been the one of the main reasons I have not only survived, but thrived as a salon owner over the past 10 years. The support I get from the AHC itself and vast membership of likeminded and kindhearted members has been invaluable. Friendships that will last a lifetime!

Brodie-Lee Tsiknaris


I really love being a member of the AHC – the benefits are amazing, the support is incredible. You never feel alone or lost when navigating business with the AHC. The newsletters are always educational and we are forever grateful to Sandy and the AHC board for all they do for the future of our Industry.

Josh Penberthy

Phoenix & Fire Hair

The thing I love the most about the AHC is that it’s a ‘safe space’ for the community of likeminded salon owners. Owning a business can be hard, and knowing there is a support network out there for us is not only reassuring, but also motivating.

Jeanette Rowe

Thomson St Hair Design

The last three years in business have been tough. Thanks to the AHC who held my hand through every moment. I wouldn’t be without them!

Susana Montero

La Unica Salon

My 10 years experience as a member have been valuable to the standards I try to maintain as a business owner. The importance of my accreditation is high in my image as a 5 star salon. The connections I’ve made have given me a lot of confidence in operating my business as an ethical and moral brand.

Susan Port

Salon Renaissance

In times of trouble, the AHC has been a rock to lean on, supported by a group of owners who share and grow stronger together.

Elizabeth Stillisano

Eclectic Styles Hair Studio

Joining the AHC has been incredibly helpful as I have grown my salon team. Having resources easily accessible helps me make sure I am doing things correctly and reduces a lot of stress as a business owner. Thank you!

Anthony Giorgio

Acqua Lounge Hair Studio

Great organisation, with great ideas, leaders and likeminded members. It’s always good to have a voice for the industry, with supporting resources and people. Podcast ideas are great, and allow allergens to share their thoughts/processes no matter how big or small. Glad to be a member.

Zowie Evans

Zowie Evans Hairdressing

The AHC has given me confidence that I have support for my business when I need it most, and keeps me connected with our community. Sandy’s support through the Pandemic was phenomenal, always objective and clear.

Hayley Pinel

Uber Hair

After switching my membership from another industry support group, I’ve been completely impressed by the high level of standard the AHC offers. Small business ownership can be an oddly lonely road at times, so it feels great to have a strong support group of likeminded individuals backed by solid network of industry representatives.

Terrina Brown

Zedz Salon

When you need the AHC, Sandy and other members are always there, ready to support you and your business. Thank you for all your continuous hard work!

Stacey Husband

The Hair Room at Mawson

The support and advice I’ve experienced through the AHC has helped me through the most challenging times in my life as a business owner. If you’d like to feel like someone has your back in business and the industry, I’d highly recommend connecting with the AHC.

Nikki Porter

Rubi Hair

It’s a great group to be involved with. Being a business owner can be very lonely sometimes, so to have a group of people in similar situations and with great knowledge about salons – it’s a great help. Every question you can think of, they have you covered.

Gaelle Caresmel

Hair de Paris by Gaelle

When I first joined the AHC, I was surprised by the level of support I was offered. Being a member has helped building trust with customers, giving them a strong benchmark of the quality of the experience they would receive. All the resources have been extremely helpful to stay up to date.

Kerrie Hayes

Genesis Hair

Thank you AHC, Sandy Chong and team, for being our voice to the Government. The AHC is an incredible asset to anyone in the business of hairdressing. An absolute must!

Denis McFadden

Just Cuts

The AHC are great contributors of timely data to assist with business decisions and trends. They are a voice for states and federal government. We are fortunate to have a dedicated and passionate team running the Association.

Nicole van Berkel

Touche Hair Skin Body

I have found AHC to be a great support to me, especially during COVID. It’s nice to understand what other business owners are going through and how they are dealing with different situations that arise.